Order in the Layer

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Order in the Layer!


So you've figured out that moving a layer on top of another layer will ensure that all the objects on that layer will always be on top of any objects under it. There is another way to fiddle with what's on top of what, but not many people talk about it.



On a layer with multiple objects, select an object, go to Modify, then Arrange, and then choose Bring to Front. Now move any other object on the same layer so it overlaps with that object, and you'll see that it falls underneath it. Now you can use Send to Back on the same object and see it covered by any other object on that layer. Using Bring Forward/Back will advance or retreat it one level, relative to the other objects in the same layer. It's kinda like layers within layers.

Keep in mind that an arrangement only applies to objects of the same layer, and none of this applies to shapes. Shapes always appear under any object on a layer and their arrangement cannot be altered.

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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Killer Tips
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