Stay Inside the Lines

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I bet you heard this a lot when you were a child. I actually still have people telling me this as an adult. Scary, I know. Luckily, there is a nifty little option that will make staying in the lines a piece of cake when you're creating artwork in Flash.

Create any outline of a shape without a fill color. Activate the Paintbrush Tool and look at the Brush Mode option at the bottom of the Toolbar. Choose Paint Inside, and as long as you start your brush stroke inside the lines, you can scribble as much as you like without ever going outside the lines. Where was this feature when I was doing Highlights magazines?

Make sure your outline (stroke) is connected so that Flash can properly determine what the inside is. Oh, and there are other cool Brush modes too. Play with them as well. Also, try starting your brush stroke outside the outlines of your object, and you'll see that Flash will paint only "outside" the closed shape. It's almost as if Flash is treating the outside as an "inside." Weird, huh?

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