Section B.5. The Slide Menu

B.5. The Slide Menu

This menu holds commands that deal with slides in the navigator: adding slides, skipping slides, collapsing and expanding slides, and jumping to a different slide.

B.5.1. New Slide

Choose this command to create a new slide afterand using the same slide master asthe currently selected slide. Keyboard equivalent: -Shift-N.

B.5.2. Skip Slide/Don't Skip Slide

Choose this command to make Keynote skip over the selected slide in the slideshow, remove it from the slide numbering series, and collapse its thumbnail to a double bar in the Navigator. Skipping slides is a great way to temporarily remove slides that you may need to use later or when presenting to a different audience. Bring the slide back into the show by selecting its bar in the navigator and choosing this commandwhich now reads Don't Skip Slide.

B.5.3. Expand, Expand All

If you've created slide groups in the Navigator by indenting slides with the Tab key, and then collapsed the group using the slide's flippy triangle in the Navigator or by using the Collapse commands (described next )then use these commands to expand the selected group (Expand), or all the groups in the slideshow (Expand All).

B.5.4. Collapse, Collapse All

If you've created slide groups in the Navigator by indenting slides with the Tab key, select the slide that contains the group and use the Collapse command to hide those slides in the Navigator. Or choose Collapse All to hide all the grouped slides in the slideshow. Grouping slides and collapsing the groups can be very helpful when editing a long slideshowyou can expand just the section you're working on. Slides that you've hidden in this way still play in the slideshowthey just don't show in the Navigator.

B.5.5. Go To

Choose one of the commands in this submenu to move to the next slide, the previous slide, the first slide in the slideshow, or the last slide in the slideshow.

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