Section B.4. The Insert Menu

B.4. The Insert Menu

The Insert menu commands deal with adding objects to your slide: free text boxes, shapes , tables, charts , images, and so on.

B.4.1. Text

Choose this command to add a free text box to a slide. Keynote places a small text box on your slide containing the word Text begin typing to replace it with your own words. Free text boxes feature only two selection handles that you can use to adjust the width; they automatically adjust their height as you enter more text. Text in this kind of text box does not appear in the outline view.

B.4.2. Line, Line With Arrowhead, Line With Two Arrowheads, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Oval, Triangle, Right Triangle, Arrow, Double Arrow, Diamond, Quote Bubble

When you choose any of the Shape commands, Keynote inserts that shape in your slide with its selection handles showingready for you to resize or reposition. Shapes other than lines also act as text containers; double-click a shape to add text to it.

B.4.3. Table

This command inserts a table in your slide and opens the Table Inspector, where you can adjust the number of rows and columns the table displays and choose whether it displays a header row or column.

B.4.4. Chart

When you choose this command, Keynote inserts a chart in your document. It also opens the Chart Inspector, so you can choose the style of chart and set its display options, and the Chart Data Editor, so you can enter the data for the chart to display.

B.4.5. Web View

Use this command to add a snapshot of a Web page to your slide. Keynote inserts the Web view and opens the Hyperlink Inspector. In the URL field, enter the address for the page you want to see. If you turn on the "Update automatically" checkbox, Keynote inserts the current version of the Web page when you launch the slideshowas long as your computer has an Internet connection.

B.4.6. Text Hyperlink

Select some text and choose one of the items in this submenu to turn the text into a hyperlink.

  • Slide . Choose this command to create a hyperlink that jumps to another slide in your slideshow. Keynote opens the Hyperlink Inspector where you can choose which slide to link to.

  • Webpage . Choose this command to create a hyperlink that opens your Web browser to a Web page. Keynote opens the Hyperlink Inspector where you can enter your desired page's address.

  • Keynote File . When you choose this command, the Open file dialog box appears. Find the Keynote presentation you want to link to and click Open . Now when you click that text hyperlink during the slideshow, Keynote opens and plays that slideshow.

  • Email Message . Choose this command to create a hyperlink that opens a pre-addressed new message in your email program. The Hyperlink Inspector appears where you can enter the address and subject for the email.

B.4.7. Choose

When you select the final command in the Insert menu, Keynote displays the Open file dialog box. Choose any picture, sound, movie, or PDF file on your computer to insert it in your slide as an object.

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