Section 7.6. Sharing Templates

7.6. Sharing Templates

You can share templates with other Pages fans and let them take advantage of your hard workand your creative brillianceby sending a template as an email attachment, burning it on a CD-ROM, copying it to a USB flash drive, and so on.

But first you have to find the template file you want to share. One way is to dig deep into your hard drive to find Pages' template storage vault and make a copy of one of your templates. As noted previously, they're in [home folder] Library Application Support iWork Pages Templates My Templates.

A much easier way, however, doesn't involve any hard drive excavation at all. Open the Template Chooser and create a new document from the template you want to share. As soon as it opens, choose File Save as Template. You have to rename the template, and then choose an easy-to-find destinationsay, your desktopand click Save. Youve created an exact clone of the template which you can now easily share with others.

Figure 7-5. Once you've captured pages for your template, choose Format Advanced Manage Pages to open the Manage Pages window (top). Select a page in the list and use the arrow buttons to move the page up or down the list; or the Remove (-) button to delete the page. Double-click to rename a page. The changes you make in this window determine how the Insert Pages menu appears (bottom).

Tip: Templates can be a bit hefty in the file- size department. If you want to email a template, compress it first. Control-click the template icon and, from the pop-up menu, choose Create Archive of [file name ]. Your Mac creates a compressed .zip archive of the file.

7.6.1. Templates Online

If you've created a fabulous template, consider sharing it with the world by submitting it to This Web site offers an ever-expanding collection of templates created by Pages aficionados around the worldall free for the downloading. The AppleWorks Users Group ( is also adding Pages templates to its file library, available to members via download or CD-ROM.

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