Using Markers

Before you start the DVD authoring process, take a moment to make one more time-saving preparation. In Chapter 6, you learned how to place markers on a clip or on the Timeline so key events are more visible. You can use the same technique to scrub through the Timeline, find each potential chapter point, place a marker on it, and then rename the marker to reflect what it represents. Once inside the DVD Editor, you can use these markers to navigate the Timeline much more quickly.

To place and name markers


Scrub through the Timeline until you find a suitable point.


Press the M key to place your marker (Figure 12.5).

Figure 12.5. Placing a marker on the Timeline.


Double-click the marker to open the name dialog (Figure 12.6).

Figure 12.6. Naming a marker. Here I have typed in "Chapter 1."


Give it a logical name and press Enter.


Move on to the next maker.


  • If you want a single page menu, then don't place any more than six markers on any one Timeline.

Converting 16:9 Footage

Liquid Edition DVD menus don't support the 16:9 wide-screen format. As a result, you have to either accept that your TV changes from 4:3 to 16:9 each time you transfer from the menu to the footage, or you need to convert the footage.

You can make this conversion by first fusing the Timeline (you can find details on fusing in Chapter 14) and then placing the fused clip on a new 4:3 timeline. Then you need to add a 2D filter to the fused clip to reduce the size to around 70 to 80 percent depending on your footage. Remember, to use this trick, you must use the classic filters because the RT filters show anything outside the normal TV standard as black.

See Chapter 9 for more filter details.

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