Lesson 1: The Global Free Market

Lesson 1: The Global Free Market

The global free market is the force responsible for the accelerating progress: life quality and longevity in the human well-being. Progress has reached levels that would have been inconceivable even in recent history.

  • The basic culture of the free market must be understood, respected and its challenges accepted by buyers and sellers alike. It defines the progress curve for us all. The courage to follow one’s imagination, to accept challenge and to risk failure in that marketplace as Eli Whitney did two hundred years earlier is fundamental to the realization of the fruits of human imagination: progress.

  • Enterprises of all kinds, but the special machine tool industry in particular, including the many small companies serving manufacturing companies around the world, are the small, isolated populations. They are the incubators of innovation. Their constant search to find better ways and provide imaginative and competitive dynamic value to consistently win new business against worthy competitors brings rewarding opportunities to their employees, their owners and their customers and means prosperity and “progress” for all.

Sweet and Sour Grapes
Sweet & Sour Grapes: The Story of the Machine Tool Industry
ISBN: 1587620316
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Year: 2003
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Authors: James Egbert

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