List Basics

The specific characteristics of each type of list will be discussed throughout this section. However, all lists share some basic characteristics, and is useful to establish them before progressing:

  • List items must be brought into focus before they can be selected.

  • Only one item can be in focus at once. The way focus is indicated depends on the list type, current UI scheme, and so on. Typically, a focused list item will have a different background color to other items and/or be surrounded by a border.

  • Focus is moved using the standard scroll keys or joystick. Note that Left and Right are available only for grids.

  • Once in focus, a list item is selected by using the Selection key, or by using an item from the Options menu. (This item will usually be the uppermost on the Options menu ”its text will depend on the context.)

Selection behavior (that is, the action performed when an item is selected) depends on the individual list's implementation.

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