Chapter 2: Planning

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In this chapter, we discuss topics that will help you plan your Domino for Linux on zSeries implementation. These include defining the hardware and software prerequisites, describing the skills needed, and providing planning information for Domino, Linux, and optionally, z/VM.

You will find additional planning information in other chapters, notably in Chapter 4, "Disk configuration" on page 49, and in the installation chapters. It would be useful to read these chapters for planning purposes before you begin your installation.

2.1 Building a team

The installation and setup of Domino for Linux on zSeries requires expertise in many areas—Linux, zSeries, Domino, and optionally VM. Specifically, the required skills include:

  • Knowledge of your Domino infrastructure, both present and future

  • Lotus Notes and Domino administrator skills

  • Systems programmer skills in Linux on zSeries

  • Systems programmer skills in VM

  • Skills in allocating and managing datasets on DASD

  • Knowledge of your network and TCP/IP

  • Knowledge of your operations environment, including backup and recovery procedures and startup and shutdown procedures

A team approach works best!

Few people have all these skills. For this reason, we strongly recommend using a team approach to the planning and implementation of your Domino for Linux on zSeries system. This will help you to have the appropriate Linux, zSeries, and z/VM skills available. We cannot overstress the need for strong Domino administrator skills, as well.

We recommend that you bring your cross-functional team together right from the beginning, during your initial planning process. During the installation of Linux and Domino, you will be asked to provide several bits of information: the Domino server name, Domino server hostname, Domino domain name, your Organization name, and optionally, a VM guest user ID. If all the members of the team are present when you develop this information, you will have a self-documenting naming convention which will grow with your implementation.

This redbook contains information for each member of your team. We encourage all members to read this chapter and to review other sections of the book as needed. The Administration and Systems Management chapters focus on a specific audience. Chapter 8, "Domino administration" on page 169 is written for the Domino administrator. The topics in Chapter 9, "Systems management" on page 217 are directed toward the system programmer. However, we hope that both Domino administrators and systems programmers will read both chapters.

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