Format the virtual disk

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Use the CMS format command to format the disk to a block size of 512.

    format 323 b (blksize 512    DMSFOR603R FORMAT will erase all files on disk B(323). Do you wish to continue?    Enter 1 (YES) or 0 (NO).    1    DMSFOR605R Enter disk label:    LNXSWP    Formatting disk B    50000 FB-512 blocks formatted on B(323)    q disk b    LABEL  VDEV M  STAT   CYL TYPE BLKSZ FILES BLKS USED-(%) BLKS LEFT BLK TOTAL    LNXSWP 323 B   R/W    FB 9336  512      0        32-00      49968     50000 


Ensure that the correct block size is used on the format command. The diagnose driver will only handle a virtual disk with a block size of 512. The default is 1024.

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