Writing a book such as this is never a solitary activity. I would like to thank David Clark and Juliana Aldous at Microsoft Press for initially agreeing to publish this book. I would also like to thank Maureen Zimmerman (senior editor at Microsoft Press), for providing firm yet flexible guidance and management of the manuscript creation process, Jim Johnson (technical editor), for doing a great job of finding the holes and inconsistencies, and Catherine Albano (copy editor), for smoothing the rough edges of my technical prose. On the production team, I would like to thank Brittney Corrigan-McElroy (senior project manager), Lucie Haskins (indexer), and Jason McAlexander and his team of illustrators.

Many people on the Windows Networking and Communications team were involved in verifying the technical accuracy of this book, including the following: Balash Akbari, Richard Draves, Sandeep Prabhu, Aaron Schrader, Art Shelest, Mohit Talwar, and Stewart Tansley. I would like to thank Laura Sheppard and David Mills, my managers when I was an online help writer, for the flexibility to create and deliver the courseware on which this book is based. I would also like to thank Tom Fout, my current manager, for the content in Appendix B and for making the completion of this book a priority among all my deliverables, nurturing it to its final conclusion.

There are three individuals to whom I would like to extend special thanks and recognition:

  • Dave Thaler

    Dave is the development lead for the IPv6 protocol on the Windows Networking and Communications team and a walking encyclopedia of TCP/IP and IPv6 knowledge. I first met Dave when writing documentation for the Windows 2000 Routing and Remote Access service and, unlike many other developers, Dave actually took the time to review what I had written for technical accuracy, clarity, flow, and relevance. I have been fortunate to continue working with Dave all through the evolution of the IPv6 protocol for Windows XP and the Windows .NET Server 2003 family. I greatly value Dave's technical expertise and documentation insight.

  • Brian Zill

    Brian is a software development engineer and a vital resource for developing the Microsoft implementation of IPv6. Richard Draves and Brian developed the original IPv6 protocol for Microsoft Research. I first began working with Brian when the Microsoft Research IPv6 stack was being ported to Windows XP. He has been an invaluable resource for in-depth technical information and as a reviewer of this book. I don't feel good about a chapter unless Brian has reviewed it. I greatly value Brian's technical expertise, ability to explain complicated concepts, and sense of humor.

  • Chris Clements

    Chris is an editing lead for the Windows User Assistance team responsible for Help content in the Windows .NET Server 2003 family. Chris was my editor when I was a technical writer developing online help for Windows XP and the Windows .NET Server 2003 family. Many times Chris went above and beyond in editing not only the sizable volumes of help text I produced but also white papers, courseware, Web site text, and TechNet Cable Guy articles. Chris was the editor for the original "Introduction to IP Version 6" white paper and "IPv6 Overview" internal Microsoft training course on which this book is based. In short, Chris was my partner in the crusade to document IPv6 for Microsoft; the level of writing quality achieved in this book is a direct result of his efforts. I greatly value Chris's acute editorial expertise and friendship.

These gentlemen are three of Microsoft's finest. They epitomize and exemplify the highest standards of intelligence, dedication, and commitment to quality that make working at Microsoft such a rewarding experience. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have worked with them and hope to continue working with them in the future.

And lastly, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to my wife, Kara, and daughter, Katie. Although not directly involved in the creation of this book, they make it all worthwhile.

Understanding IPv6
Understanding Ipv6
ISBN: 0735612455
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 124
Authors: Joseph Davies

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