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Chapter 1: Introduction

Table 1.1: Exchange and Windows Compatibility

Chapter 2: Preparing to Manage Exchange 2003

Table 2.1: Exchange Object–Specific Permissions
Table 2.2: Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard Roles at Organizational Level
Table 2.3: Exchange Administration Delegation Wizard Roles at Administrative Group Level

Chapter 3: Management and Monitoring Tools

Table 3.1: Microsoft Support Utilities
Table 3.2: Third-Party Tools

Chapter 4: Managing the Exchange Organization Topology

Table 4.1: Windows and Exchange Logical and Physical Structures
Table 4.2: User Attributes Replicated by Global Catalog
Table 4.3: Global Catalog Server Tradeoffs
Table 4.4: Active Directory Sites and Exchange 5.5 Sites
Table 4.5: Domain Name System and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Chapter 5: Managing Exchange Servers

Table 5.1: Exchange Services
Table 5.2: Associated Services
Table 5.3: Service Start Event Numbers
Table 5.4: Service Stop Event Numbers

Chapter 6: Managing E-Mail Connectivity

Table 6.1: Exchange Queues
Table 6.2: Queue Summary Information
Table 6.3: Queued Message Properties

Chapter 7: Managing Recipients

Table 7.1: General, Address, Telephones, and Organization Tabs

Chapter 8: Addresses, Address Lists, and Offline Address Lists

Table 8.1: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Queries for Default Address Lists
Table 8.2: Template Control

Chapter 11: Monitoring Exchange

Table 11.1: Alert Notification
Table 11.2: System Resource Availability Counters
Table 11.3: Disk Space Utilization Counters
Table 11.4: Messaging System Utilization Counters

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