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    arrays of chars, Java strings vs. 
    binary data, exchanging between C and Java 
        program using network byte order macros 
    C code, calling from Java 
    calling Java from 
    client sockets (C), programming (example) 
    compilers for different operating systems 
    CSV program in C++  2nd 
    destructors (C++), Java finalizers vs. 
    functions, calling from Java  2nd 
        compiling C code into loadable object 
        native C implementation in Java 
    getopt (C-library function) 
    inline keyword 
    Java code written in, open source JDK 
    Java compilers written in 
    printf/scanf functions 
    servers handling multiple clients 
    strings, C language 
    unsigned int (C) 
CachedRowSet interface  2nd 
    JAR files for applications (JWS) 
    requests, HTTP 
cal command (Unix) 
calculator (stack-based) 
    using BigDecimal values 
Calendar class 
    adding to date 
    calendar for given month of given year or current month and year 
    converting between date and time fields 
    converting YMDHMS to 
    current date, finding 
    day of week/month/year or week number (for a date) 
    getTime( ) 
calendar classes (IBM) 
CalendarPage class (example) 
Callable interface 
CallableStatement class 
callbacks, providing via interfaces 
callbacks, RMI 
    stock ticker service 
        Client interface (example) 
        ClientProgram class (example) 
        TickerServer interface (example) 
        TickerServerImpl class (example) 
calling by reference (Java methods) 
canonical equality (regular expression pattern matching) 
canonical index file (index.html) 
canonical name, files 
canRead( ) 
capture groups (in regular expressions)  2nd 
CardLayout layout manager 
carriage return, in strings transmitted by server-side sockets 
    changing in strings 
    regular expression matches, controlling in 
    string comparisons, ignoring in 
    string conversions or comparisons 
case-insensitive matching 
    environment variables names 
    in XML 
    avoiding by using generics 
        MyStack class (example) 
        MyStackDemo program (example) 
    ClassCastExceptions, preventing with serialVersionUID 
    Enumeration results to String 
    floating value to integer value 
    object references in arrays 
    references obtained from Collection or Iterator to specific types 
catching exceptions 
CC and BCC email recipients, setting lists for 
CD-ROM drives 
Celsius temperatures, converting to Fahrenheit 
    main window on screen 
    text in components 
    self-signed, warnings about 
CGI scripts
    form, email composer 
    running with applets 
char data type 
    storing int as 
Character class 
    Unicode character properties, determining 
character encodings 
    supported, listing in JDK documentation 
character sets 
    reading/writing different 
CharacterIterator interface, substring( ) 
    arrays of, Java strings vs. 
    assembling into words (tokens) 
    converting to/from Unicode  2nd 
    escaping for PostScript 
    nonprintable, entering into strings 
    special, escaping in regular expressions used in Java 
    in strings
        changing within 
        processing one at a time 
        reversing one at a time 
    Unicode, listing with supporting documentation 
charAt( ) (String)  2nd  3rd  4th 
CharBuffer class 
CharSequence interface 
chat clients 
    ChatRoom class (example) 
chat server (Java) 
checked exceptions 
checksums, confirming file contents with 
ChoiceFormat class, formatting plurals 
Class class 
    forName( )  2nd 
    getting fields and methods and printing results 
class descriptors, getting 
class files, setting CLASSPATH for 
class loaders  [See also classes, loading dynamically]
    getResource( ) (ClassLoader), using instead of opening files 
    writing your own 
    preventing with serialVersionUID 
    anonymous inner classes, GUI action handling 
    archiving with jar 
    association of particular type at class instantiation 
    from this book, downloading and installing 
    building management system (example) 
    checking for presence/absence of 
    constructing from scratch 
    cross-reference for Java API
        CrossRefXML (example) 
    documenting with Javadoc 
    implementing Comparable interface 
    inner  2nd  [See also anonymous inner classes; inner classes]3rd 
    intrinsic (java.lang package) 
    loading dynamically  2nd 
        Applet subclasses 
        Cooklet class (example) 
        DemoCooklet class (example) 
        user-defined subclass (Cookies) 
    methods and fields, finding and using 
    in packages named java. or javax. 
    placing into packages 
    preparing a class as a JavaBean 
        LabelText widget (example) 
    primitive data types (TYPE) 
    printing class information 
        MyJavaP class (example) 
    reflection  [See reflection]
    unit testing 
        JUnit tool 
ClassKeyword class (example) 
    Ant, setting with 
    class configuration, ensuring correct 
    effective use of 
    Korn shell script, managing with 
    source code JAR files, setting for 
client stub classes, RMI 
client-side applications, DeployDirector installer 
client/server communication, defining for RMI 
ClientProgram class (example), RMI callback service 
clients  2nd 
    C language socket setup 
    contacting server using TCP/IP 
        SMTP (Sender example) 
    NetLogSimple class (example) 
    network addresses, finding and reporting 
    network errors, handling 
    reading and writing binary data 
    reading and writing serialized object data 
    reading and writing textual data 
        ClientProgram class (example) 
        stock ticker service 
        RemCat class (example) 
        steps in creating 
    web applet 
        contacting server on applet host 
        converting filename to URL 
        deploying an applet 
        extracting HTML tags from URL 
        extracting URLs from a file 
        file indexer, making 
        link checker, automating 
        reading content of a URL 
        running CGI script 
        running JavaScript 
        showing new web page 
        URI, URL, or URN 
        writing an applet 
clock time, CPU time vs. 
clone( )
    Object class 
    Singleton pattern and 
Cloneable interface 
closing windows 
cmp (binary compare program) 
    JDK release-dependent 
    operating system-dependent 
    platform-independent, writing 
        BuzzInServlet class (example) 
code examples
    from this book 
        downloading and installing  2nd 
    Debug program 
    finding more 
code reusability 
    documenting classes with Javadoc 
    installing main GUI component into JFrame 
    LayoutManager interface, promoting 
coding cleanups 
Cogent Logic, JNDI service provider 
Collection interface
    downcasting references obtained from to specific type 
    size( ) 
    toArray( ) 
collections  2nd 
    access methods 
    accessing all elements with foreach loop 
    classes based on 
    cloning and 
    Collections API, data structuring with 
    converting to arrays 
    finding object in 
    generic, using  2nd  3rd 
    java.util package 
    multidimensional structures 
    performance, arrays vs. 
    sets, using with 
Collections class
    binarySearch( )  2nd 
    Singleton methods 
    sort( ) 
Collections Framework  2nd  [See also collections]3rd 
    avoiding casting by using generics 
    optional methods 
color-highlighting editors 
    NetBeans IDE, creating GUI action handler 
column index, result sets package 
com.darwinsys packages 
combining graphics drawings for special effects 
comma-separated list, converting list to 
comma-separated values (CSV), parsing data that contains 
    regular expressions, using 
command line
    alternatives to javac compiler 
        conditional debugging, use in 
        grep command, Unix 
        jar tool 
    enableassertions (-ea) switch 
    jdb debugger tool 
    JDK, compiling and running Java programs from 
        disabling JIT temporarily 
        jar, extracting files (x option) 
    replacing tools with color-highlighting editor 
    systems, environment variables in 
    Terminal application, Mac OS X 
commas in numbers 
    doc comments 
        deprecating code 
    ignoring in pattern matching 
    marking special ( program) 
    Properties files 
    XML, syntax for 
Common Gateway Interface  [See CGI scripts]
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) 
CommPort class 
CommPortDial class (example) 
CommPortIdentifier class  2nd 
    open( ) 
    parallel port, opening 
CommPortModem class (example) 
CommPortOpen class (example) 
CommPortOwnershipListener class 
CommPortThreaded class (example) 
Communications API 
    downloading from Sun or system vendor 
    resources for further reading 
Comparable interface 
    Comparator interface vs. 
Comparator interface 
    Comparable interface vs. 
CompareDates class (example) 
CompareFileDates class (example) 
compareTo( )
    Comparable interface 
    String class 
    American-style names (Soundex program) 
    class objects 
    files, binary and text 
    floating-point numbers for equality 
    long data types (dates) 
        ignoring case 
compile( ) (Pattern) 
    CANON_EQ flag 
    MULTILINE flag 
    UNIX_LINES flag 
compiled programs, invoking 
    .class keyword, getting class instance with 
    annotations, extra information from 
    assignment of class names to anonymous inner classes 
    javac compiler (JDK) 
    new constructs in JDK 1.5, backward compatibility with JDK 1.4 code 
compiling Java programs 
    automating with Ant 
    C/C++, compilers based on 
    color-highlighting editor, using 
    conditional compilation 
        inline code generation 
    deprecation warnings 
    editors for 
    flow analysis in 
    IDE, using 
    Java code calling native function 
    JDK, using 
    source code examples from this book 
compiling native code (C) into loadable object 
complex numbers 
    Complex class (example) 
Component class 
    adding to containers 
    adding to GUI, drawing vs. 
    creating and displaying 
    drawing centered text in 
    drawing in 
    drawing text in 
    formatting text in JComponents with HTML 
    graphical, testing 
        size of 
    image size, getting 
    labels in GUI component architectures 
    layout managers, creating custom 
    size of 
    tab layout 
    TiledImageComponent class (example) 
    window layout 
composite characters, matching 
compressed files (gzip), reading/writing 
compression/decompression, classes providing access to 
CompTest class (example) 
computeArea( ) (Shape) 
concatenating strings 
    converting numbers to strings 
    example showing three methods of 
    println( ) method 
    timing, println( ) vs.) 
concurrency, threads
    java.util.concurrent package 
    Queue and BlockingQueue interfaces 
    simplifying servers with 
conditional compilation 
conditional statements, formatting plurals with 
connect( )  2nd 
ConnectFriendly class (example) 
connecting to JDBC database 
    Connect class (example) 
connection pools 
    datagram (UDP) 
    socket, encrypted (JSSE) 
console, reading from 
ConsoleAppender class 
    conditional debugging, use in 
    INFINITY  2nd 
constraints, layout manager 
    no argument, calling for class 
    passing values 
container classes
    layout managers  [See layout managers]
    nonparameterized, errors with 
    adding components to 
    JFrame component 
    window layout 
contains( ) 
containsKey( ) 
containsValue( ) 
ContentPane container 
continued lines, reading 
ContLineReader class 
control and message strings, getting localized versions 
controllers for movie players 
controls (user interface), configuring from resource bundle 
convenience routines, writing for internationalization 
converse( ) (example method)  2nd 
    between primitives and object wrappers, using automatic boxing 
    text to/from Unicode  2nd 
    to/from Primitive to Object and vice versa 
Cookies class (example) 
Cooklet class (example) 
copying files 
    FileIO class (example) 
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) 
core Java API 
country codes 
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) 
cpio utility 
    running two or more with single operating system 
    time, assigning to threads 
    timing use of, clock time vs. 
CREATE statement, SQL 
createFont( ) (Font) 
createImage( ) (Graphics) 
createNewFile( ) (File) 
createStatement( ) (Connection)  2nd 
createTempFile( ) (File) 
createXMLReader( ) (XMLReaderFactory class) 
CrossRef class (example), printing Java API cross-reference 
CrossRefXML class (example), outputting class information in XML 
    BigInteger class, creating prime pairs for public keys 
    SecureRandom class, using 
CSV (comma-separated values) 
    CSV class (example) 
        source code 
    parsing with regular expressions 
currencies, formatting 
current date  [See also dates and times]
    locales, returning for 
    printing in non-localized form 
currentTimeMillis( ) (System) 
CygWin or GnuWin32 package (grep for Win32) 


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