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background thread, driving animation with 
backslash (\)  [See \ under Symbols]
batch files 
Bean Scripting Framework  [See BSF]
BeanInfo class 
before( ) (Date) 
beginning-of-line regex pattern matching  2nd 
Bell Laboratories, sam text editor 
bell-curve of Gaussian values 
Berkeley Database (DB) 
Berkeley DBM software  2nd 
bidirectional I/O 
big numbers, support in Java 
BigDecimal class 
    stack-based calculator using 
    use of 
BigInteger class 
binary data
    converting string to 
    exchanging between C and Java 
    reading and writing with network client 
    reading or writing 
    strings, converting to integers 
    transmitting via server-side sockets 
binary files, compare program (cmp) 
binarySearch( )
    Arrays class 
    Collections class  2nd 
bind( ) (Naming) 
bit-shifting operators (Java), reading and reassembling unsigned bytes 
bitmaps, represented by Image objects 
BitSet class  2nd 
black box testing of applications 
BlockingQueue interface 
Book class 
BookRank class (example) 
booleans, storing in collections 
BorderLayout layout manager  2nd 
    NetBeans IDE 
Borland JBuilder IDE 
Bounce class (animator applet) 
bounds checking, arrays 
boxing  [See autoboxing]
BoxLayout layout manager 
break characters (string tokenizing) 
brightness (colors) 
        AppletStub and AppletContext classes, implementing 
        displaying in 
    Java Plug-in, using with 
    resource bundle for (example) 
    sending email 
    TextBrowser program (example) 
BSD systems
    Jikes compiler 
BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) 
    components of 
    Jython, using with 
    LabelText bean, running with Python script (BSFAction class) 
    languages supported by 
BufferedInputStream( )  2nd 
BufferedOutputStream class 
BufferedReader class  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    database access 
    readLine( ) 
    socket input stream, creating from 
    NIO Buffer used as a CharSequence 
    streams (DataInput and DataOutput) 
    UDP datagram packets 
bugs, reporting 
build tools, make vs. Ant 
building management system (example) 
    classes for 
BusCard program (example) 
ButtonDemo class (example) 
ButtonDemo2a class (example) 
ButtonDemo2c class (example)  2nd 
    internationalization, convenience routines for creating  2nd 
    making them work 
    menu items as 
BuzzInServlet class (quiz show buzzer example) 
byte arrays, converting to/from objects 
byte-ordering macros (network) 
    storing ints as 
    translating to/from characters 


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