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Data Accessor Object (DAO) 
    implementing with XDoclet for EJB 
data loggers 
data mining program (regular expression pattern matching) 
data streams
    reading and writing binary data 
    writing from C 
data structuring  2nd  3rd 
    ArrayList, using 
    arrays  2nd 
        resizing arrays 
    automatic boxing, using 
    collections  2nd 
        arrays vs. 
        converting to arrays 
        finding object in 
    Collections API, importance of using 
    enumeration or iterator, writing 
    foreach loops, using 
    generics, using
        avoiding casting with 
        generic collections 
    iterators, using 
    linked lists, using  2nd 
        LinkedList class, program using 
        LinkList class (example) 
    mapping with Hashtable and HashMap 
    MediaInvoicer program (example) 
    ordering data to avoid sorting 
    sets, using to prevent duplication 
    Stack class, using 
    strings, storing in properties and preferences 
    typesafe enumerations, using 
data types
    in arrays 
    association of particular type at class instantiation 
    binary integer and binary floating-point value, writing into file 
    in format codes 
    Java and JNI 
    JDBC and SQL, mappings between 
        conversions between primitive and object 
        as method arguments 
        returned by next*( ) (Random) 
        TYPE (public constant), using for 
    println( ) method for 
    unchecked raw types, warnings about 
database access 
    DBM files 
        ReadHistNS class (example) 
        UserDBDBM class (example) 
        changing data with result sets 
        changing data with SQL 
        connecting to database 
        metadata, finding 
        prepared statements 
        query and results 
        setup and connection 
        stored procedures, using with 
    JDO, using 
    remote databases 
    SQLRunner program 
    synchronizing methods 
    text-file databases 
        UserDB class (example) 
        UserDBText class (example) 
    Xbase format 
database drivers  [See drivers, database]
DatabaseMetaData class 
    name, version number, and transaction isolation, printing out 
databases, exporting CSV data 
datagram connection (UDP) 
DatagramPacket class 
DatagramSocket class 
DataInput interface 
DataInputStream class  2nd 
    readInt( ) 
DataOutput interface 
DataOutputStream class  2nd 
DataThread class (example) 
Date class
    deprecation of methods and constructors 
    getTime( ) 
DateDemo class (example) 
DateFormat class  2nd  3rd  4th 
    parse( ) 
    strings, parsing into date format 
DateParse2 class (example) 
dates and times 
    adding to/subtracting from a date 
    binary data, representing with  2nd 
    Calendar class 
    calendar for given month of given year or current month and year 
    comparing dates 
    current date
        printing in non-localized form 
    currentTimeMillis( ) (System) 
    Date class  2nd  3rd 
    DateClient class (example) 
    DateFormat class 
    dates in non-Western epoch 
    DateServer class (example) 
    day of week/month/year or week number 
    Daytime server, getting from 
    DaytimeObjectServer class (example) 
    difference between two dates, computing 
    epoch seconds, converting to DMYHMS 
    formatting codes for 
    formatting for locales  [See also internationalization; localization]
        SimpleDateFormat class 
        UseLocales class (example) 
    GregorianCalendar class 
    java.util package 
    measuring elapsed time 
    parsing strings into dates 
    printing in localized format 
        SimpleDateFormat format codes 
    reminder service 
    remote machine, getting on 
    serialized object data, transferring as 
    sleeping and 
    UDP connection, reading/writing on 
    YMDHMS, converting to Calendar or Date 
DaytimeBinary class (example) 
DaytimeObject class (example) 
DaytimeObjectServer class (example) 
DaytimeServer class (example) 
DaytimeText class (example) 
DaytimeUDP class (example) 
DB databases 
DBM databases 
        ReadHistNS class (example) 
        UserDBDBM class (example) 
    DBM class 
    SleepyCat Software, download site 
    using original Unix DBM routines from Java 
    caused by awakening wrong thread 
    ProdCons1 program (example) 
    thread socket 
Debug class (example) 
    character/tab conversion printouts 
    conditional debugging with 
debug( ) (Logger) 
    applets in browsers 
    jdb command-line-based debugger 
    network-based logger, using 
        JDK 1.4 
    print statements, conditional compilation and 
    printouts for 
    textual socket servers (with Telnet) 
    threaded applications, thread names and 
    unit testing to avoid debugger use 
decimal numbers
    BigDecimal class 
    converting integers to 
    double as default type for 
DecimalFormat class
    formatting converted temperatures 
    pattern characters 
    printing number with two decimal places 
DefaultMutableNode class 
defineClass( ) (ClassLoader) 
Deflater class 
    AppletContext and AppletStub objects 
delegation event model 
DELETE statement, SQL 
delete( )
    File class 
    StringBuilder class 
Delete2 class (example) 
deleteCharAt( ) (StringBuilder) 
deleteOnExit( ) (File) 
delta t (time difference), formatting 
denial-of-service attacks, network logging and 
DeployDirector (software installer) 
    applet JAR file on web server 
    client-side applications 
    RMI across network 
deprecation warnings 
    @deprecated tag 
    Date class, event handling, and Thread class methods 
design patterns 
    Data Accessor Object (DAO) 
    delegation  2nd 
        used with Data Access Object 
    from standard API 
    Typesafe Enumeration 
desktop applications 
destroy( )
    Applet class 
    Process class 
Detab class (example), with sample program 
device registers, setting 
dialing telephone numbers with modems 
    custom, JDialog class 
    FontChooser (example) 
    internationalizing  2nd 
    prebuilt, JOptionPane class 
diff comparison program (Unix)  2nd 
digital certificates
    self-signed, warnings about 
digital signatures, JAR files  2nd 
digits, matching in regular expressions 
dir command (DOS) 
directories  [See also files]
    last modified dates, comparing 
    listing filesystem entries in 
    making new 
    root, getting for Windows 
discontinuous ranges of numbers (BitSet) 
diskless workstations, booting 
dispose( ) (Window) 
distributed applications, building with XML and HTTP 
distributed computing  [See also RMI]
    books about 
    EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) 
    servlets and JSP, use in 
dividing by zero 
doc comments 
    deprecating code 
Doclet class 
Doclet interface 
Document interface 
Document Type Definitions  [See DTDs]
documentation  [See Javadoc javadoc command]
DocumentHandler interface 
doGet( ) (BuzzInServlet example class) 
DOM (Document Object Model) 
    parsing XML with 
        major DOM interfaces 
        XParse class (example) 
        XTW class (example) 
    reading XML document and generating MIF code 
    XML files, generating with 
doPost( ) (BuzzInServlet example class) 
    batch files 
    dir command 
    redirecting or piping standard streams 
doSend( ) (Mailer example class) 
Double class
    equals( ), NaNs and 
    isNaN( ) 
double data type
    casting to a float 
    converting string to 
    handling values larger than Double.MAX_VALUE 
    maximum and minimum values 
    random number generation 
    applications over the Web with JWS 
    classes and examples from this book 
drawImage( ) (Graphics) 
drawing  [See also graphics; images]
    graphics on the screen 
    program (example), abstract methods in subclasses 
    text in components 
drawLine( ) (Graphics) 
drawString( ) (Graphics)  2nd 
DrawStringDemo2 class (example) 
driver program (PlotDriver example) 
DriverManager class
    getConnection( )  2nd  3rd 
    registering driver with 
    setLogStream( ) 
drivers, database 
    JDBC, types for 
    loading (LoadDriver example) 
    loading for JDBC 
drop shadow effect, drawing 
    DropShadow class (example) 
DROP statement, SQL 
DTDs (Document Type Definitions) 
    XML documents, verifying structure with 
duplicating stream while writing 
dynamic class loading  2nd 
    Cooklet class (example) 
    DemoCooklet class (example) 
    Time class (example), use in 
    user-defined subclass (Cookies) 


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