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e and PI, displaying values 
EchoClient class (example), establishing multiple server socket connections 
EchoClientOneLine class (example) 
EchoServer class (example) 
EchoServerThreaded class (example) 
EchoServerThreaded2 class (example) 
    Export Mac OS Application wizard 
    externalization mechanism 
    SWT, use in 
    background threads, saving userÕs work in 
    color highlighting, NetBeans IDE 
    with Java support 
    for JavaBean properties 
    sam text editor 
    text (kwrite program), running with Java 
efficiency, measuring for Java programs 
EJB  [See Enterprise JavaBeans]
Element interface 
elementAt( ) (Vector) 
emacs editor 
    addresses, extracting from XML file with SAX 
    multipart MIME-encoded messages, sending 
        JavaMail Store, using 
        MailReaderBean program (example) 
    sending with applets 
    sending without using JavaMail 
    server program, enabling for 
    settings, providing automatically 
    SMTP server, connecting from Telnet client 
    SPAM, testing for 
EMBED (embedding keyword in HTML) 
embedding Java in web page 
enableassertions (-ea) command-line flag 
encoding, character 
end of file 
end( ) 
end-of-line characters 
end-of-line regex pattern matching 
endClass( ) 
endElement( ) 
ending index 
    text, regular expression pattern match 
energy-efficient building management system (example) 
    XML configuration file for 
EnTab class (example) with sample program 
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) 
    book about 
    connection pooling 
    home and remote interfaces, generating with XDoclet 
    JavaBeans and 
entity beans 
EntryLayout (layout manager example) 
EntryLayout class (example) 
EntryLayoutTest class (example) 
Enum class 
    valueOf( ) 
enum keyword 
Enumeration interface  2nd 
    hasMoreElements( ) 
    implementation by StringTokenizer 
    typesafe  2nd 
        adding operations to 
        EnumList class (example) 
        Media class (example) 
        MediaInvoicer program (example) 
        program using Media class (example) 
environment variables 
    CLASSPATH, effective use of 
environment, program interaction with  2nd  [See also system properties]
    default Locale object set by Java runtime 
    environment variables 
    extensions or packaged APIs, using 
    JDK-dependent code, writing 
    operating system-dependent code, writing 
    parsing command-line arguments 
    Swing components, checking for 
    system properties 
    converting epoch seconds to DMYHMS 
    converting epoch seconds to YMDHMS 
    non-Western, representing date in 
    returning number of seconds since 
    Western calendars 
equality operator (==)  2nd 
equality, comparing floating-point numbers for 
equals( )
    caution in returns 
    Date class 
    floating-point comparisons 
    hash codes and 
    implementing your own 
        EqualsDemo class (example) 
        unit testing EqualsDemo 
    natural class ordering and 
    rules for proper implementation 
    sets and 
    String class 
equalsIgnoreCase( ) (String) 
error messages
    external programs, capturing output 
    standard error output 
error( ) (Logger) 
    line numbers, reporting for 
    network, handling 
    with nonparameterized container classes 
    reporting for code examples or Java implementations 
    metacharacters in regular expressions 
    in regular expressions 
    special characters in regular expressions translated to Java 
        quoted CSV values 
    text characters, conversion to PostScript 
EscContLineReader class (example) 
event handling, deprecation warnings (JDK 1.0) 
event listener model 
event model
    GUIs, JDK 1.0 
event-driven reading and writing 
EventQueue class 
example code, finding more 
examples from this book
    conventions for 
    downloading and installing 
Exception class, subclassing 
    Javadoc documentation for 
    catching and logging with log4j 
    GUI, catching and formatting 
    logging caught exceptions with JDK 1.4 
    network errors, catching 
    stack traces, printing with line numbers 
    writing your own 
        checked and unchecked 
excerpts (code examples) 
exec( )
    ExecDemoFiles class (example), use in 
    Runtime class 
        replacement by ProcessBuilder 
ExecAndPrint class (example), running external program and capturing output 
ExecDemoFiles class (example), creating, listing, and deleting temporary files 
ExecDemoNS class (example), running Netscape from Java 
ExecDemoWait class (example) 
execute( ) (RowSet) 
executeQuery( ) (Statement) 
executeUpdate( ) 
Executor interface 
    classes implmenting 
exit( )
    Runtime class 
    System class  2nd 
exiting an application 
exitValue( ) (Process) 
Extensible Markup Language  [See XML]
Extensible Style Language  [See XSL]
Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations  [See XSLT]
extensions, Java 
    standard and non-standard, non-core APIs 
Extreme Programming (XP) 
    Continuous Refactoring 


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