Chapter 4. Exploring Security Technologies and Network Infrastructure Designs

Chapter Goals

By covering the following topics in this Chapter, you will learn how to design and secure content network infrastructures:

  • Securing Your NetworkYou secure applications on your network with packet filtering and application inspection technologies.

  • Designing Enterprise CampusesCampus networks use routing and switching technologies to transport enterprise applications for corporate users.

  • Designing Enterprise Edge (or Data Center) NetworksThe data center for your organization contains the demarcation between the public and private network domains.

  • Designing Headquarters with Remote Office NetworksRemote office users access corporate resources, the Internet, and other satellite offices through the corporate headquarters.

  • Designing Internet Content Delivery NetworksThird-party content delivery networks provide edge content replication services for enterprises.

Information security is a major concern for organizations with any amount of critical business content in their networks. Within the context of content networking, four fundamental techniques are available for you to use for securing content:

  • Application Layer Encryption

  • Packet Filtering

  • TCP enhancements

  • Application Layer Inspection

You will learn content encryption using the public key infrastructure (PKI) in Chapter 8, "Exploring the Application Layer," along with PKI offloading technologies.

Content Networking Fundamentals
Content Networking Fundamentals
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