Chapter 9. Updating Project Progress


  • Have a project in which you have entered tasks and resources.

  • Understand project management.

When you're done customizing and entering tasks and resources into your project, you can sit back and ignore your project for a few weeks, right?

Wrong! Even though Project calculates your task durations, budget, etc. for you, you still need to track the progress of your project. You'll need to update your tasks, make sure resources aren't working too slow or too fast, and monitor a variety of other things. Also, tracking allows you to look up specific information, such as how much you spent on resources on a particular day. If you keep your project information up to date, you can always see the most recent status of your project, which allows you to catch problems before they get out of hand. This chapter shows you many ways to track your project.

Let's start tracking your project's progress!

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Project 2003 Personal Trainer
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