Lesson5.7.Assigning a Task Calendar

Lesson 5.7. Assigning a Task Calendar

Figure 5-9. The Advanced tab of the Task Information dialog box.

By default, your tasks are scheduled according to your Project Calendar. But if a certain task needs to be done using a different calendar schedule, you can assign a different calendar to the task.

  1. Select the Create install executable task.

    Jeremy, the resource assigned to this task, usually works Standard hours. However, this task must be done at night while the database for the lessons is not being used.

  2. Click the Task Information button and click the Advanced tab in the dialog box.

    The Advanced tab appears, as shown in Figure 5-9.

  3. Click the Calendar list arrow and select Night Shift from the list.

    The task will now use the Night Shift calendar to schedule the working time for the task.

    Notice that the "Scheduling ignores resource calendars" option is available when the task is assigned a different calendar.

  4. Click the Scheduling ignores resource calendars checkbox.

    This option ensures that the task calendar takes precedence over the resource calendar. This includes nonworking time scheduled for the resource.

  5. Click OK.

    The task changes to reflect the new schedule.


To Assign a Calendar to a Task:

  1. Select the task.

  2. Click the Task Information button on the Standard toolbar.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Click the Calendar list arrow and select a calendar from the list.

  5. Click OK.

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