Chapter Four Review

Lesson Summary

Using Split Views

To Split a View: Select Window Sorting Information

To View Sorted Information: Select Project To Cancel a Sort: Select Project Grouping Information

To View Grouped Information: Select Project To Return to the Default View: Select Project Filtering Information

To View Filtered Information: Select Project To Turn a Filter Off: Select Project All Resources from the menu.

Using AutoFilters

To Use the AutoFilter: Select Project list arrow of the field by which you want to filter the project and then, from that list, select the criteria by which you want to filter the project.

Viewing Details

To View Details for a Task or Resource: Select the task or resource and select View Task Entry or Resource Entry and click Apply. The Task Form will appear below the Gantt Chart, with details about the task or resource.

Using Zoom

To Zoom In or Out of a Project: Click the Zoom In button on the Standard toolbar to zoom in. Click the Zoom Out button on the Standard toolbar to zoom out.

To Display the Zoom Dialog Box: Select View Quiz

  1. You can't display more than one view at a time. (True or False?)

  2. Tasks and resources appear in a specific order that cannot be changed. (True or False?)

  3. To view grouped information:

    1. Click the View Grouped Information button on the Standard toolbar.

    2. Select View Project Groups from the menu.

    3. Group by: from the menu and choose a grouping option.

    4. Grouping from the menu and choose a grouping option.

    1. Filtering

    2. Sifting

    3. Grouping

    4. Sorting

  4. To find information quickly about a task or resource:

    1. Click the task or resource as fast as you can.

    2. Triple-click the task or resource.

    3. Filter the project by the task or resource you want to find information on.

    4. View the task or resource's details.


  1. Start Microsoft Project 2003.

  2. Navigate to your practice files and open the Homework 4 project.

  3. Split the project window so that the Gantt Chart is in the upper half of the window and the Task Form is in the bottom half of the window.

  4. Sort the Gantt Chart by finish date.

  5. Filter the Gantt Chart for summary tasks.

  6. Zoom out to view your project by Quarter.

  7. Close Homework 4 without saving any changes.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. You can display two views at the same time using the split view feature.

  2. False. Tasks and resources appear in ID number order by default, but you can change this by sorting.

  3. C. To view grouped information, select Project Group by: from the menu and choose a grouping option.

  4. D. To find information quickly regarding a task or resource, view the task or resource's details.

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