Chapter One Review

Lesson Summary

Planning the Project

Before entering information in a project file, you must have a clear idea of the scope and purpose of the project.

Understanding Project Management

A Project is a temporary series of actions undertaken to create a unique product or service.

All Projects:

  • have a start and end date

  • are efforts made by people or equipment

  • create a product or service

The Project Triangle Includes: Time, Cost, and Scope.

Understanding the Project Screen

Be able to identify the main components of the Project program screen.

Using Common Views

To Change Views: Select the View menu and select a new view. Or, press Alt + V and press the underlined letter in the view name.

To Display the View Bar: Select View Bar from the menu.

Using More Views

To Use More Views: Select View Apply.

Creating a New Project

To Create a New Project: Select File Blank Project in the task pane. Or click the New button, or press Ctrl + N.

Entering the Project Scheduling Date

To Enter the Scheduling Date: Select Project Schedule from list arrow and select a scheduling option. Enter the project's Start date or Finish date.

Selecting the Project Calendar

To Set the Project Calendar: Select Project Calendar list arrow and select the calendar you want to use. Click OK.

Adjusting Working Hours

To Change Working Hours: Select Tools Day of the Week: Click the column heading(s) of the days you want to change for the duration of the project.

  • Date: Select the date(s) you want to change. Enter the new working hours in the To and From text boxes.

  • Click OK.

    Adjusting Working Days

    To Change Nonworking Time: Select Tools Day of the Week: Click the column heading(s) of the days you want to change for the duration of the project.

  • Date: Select the date(s) you want to change.

  • Click the Nonworking time option in the dialog box and click OK.

    Creating a New Base Calendar

    To Create a New Base Calendar: Select Tools New button in the dialog box and enter the calendar name in the Name text box. Click the calendar option you want to use, and choose the base calendar you want to copy, if necessary. Click OK. Change the working hours and nonworking days for the calendar as necessary and click OK.

    Using the Project Guide

    To View the Project Guide Toolbar: Select View To Use the Project Guide: On the Project Guide toolbar, click the category button you want to work on. Click the link to the step you want to complete in the project and follow the Project Guide's instructions to set up the project. Or, click any button list arrow on the Project Guide toolbar and select the step you want to complete.

    To Turn Off the Project Guide: Select Tools Interface tab and uncheck the Display Project Guide checkbox.

    Printing the Project

    To Print a Project: Select File OK.

    Printing the Current View as a Report

    To Print the Current View as a Report: Open the view you want to print. Click the Report button list arrow on the Project Guide toolbar and select Print current view as a report from the list. Work your way through the steps of the wizard and click the Print button when finished.

    Getting Help

    To Get Help: Press the F1 key, type your question in the Search for: text box, and click the Start searching button or press Enter. Click the help topic that best matches what you're looking for (repeat this step as necessary).

    To Turn Off Office Online: Click the Online Content Settings link in the Project Help task pane. Uncheck the Search online content when connected option and click OK.


    1. What is NOT a component of the project triangle?

      1. Effort

      2. Time

      3. Scope

      4. Cost

    2. The default view for Project 2003 is:

      1. Resource Sheet view

      2. Inter view

      3. Gantt Chart view

      4. There is no default view for Project 2003

    3. Changes to working hours and nonworking days in the Project Calendar affect the working time of everyone on your project. (True or False?)

    4. Which of these is NOT a way to open a new project file?

      1. Select File New from the menu.

      2. Press Ctrl + N.

      3. Select Insert New Task from the menu.

      1. Press F1.

      2. Select Help Contents and Index from the menu.

      3. Click your heels and chant "Microsoft Help, Microsoft Help, Microsoft Help" three times.

    5. You can change views in Project 2003 by (select all that apply):

      1. selecting a new view from the View Bar (if it is displayed).

      2. hiding your toolbars.

      3. going to the View menu and selecting a new view.

      4. pressing Alt + V and pressing the underlined letter in a new view.

    6. Most databases have the ability to share information. (True or False?)

    7. Which of the following is NOT a category in the Project Guide?

      1. Reports

      2. Track

      3. Tasks

      4. Collaboration

    8. Creating a new base calendar affects the Project Calendar. (True or False?)


    1. Start Microsoft Project 2003.

    2. Navigate to your practice files and open the Homework 1 project.

    3. Switch to Resource Sheet view and then back to Gantt Chart view.

    4. Select the first task, "Open a Lemonade Stand," and change it to "Open a Slim-Fast Stand."

    5. Change the Project Calendar to Night Shift.

    6. Add a nonworking day for December 25.

    7. Close the Homework 1 database.

    Quiz Answers

    1. A. Effort is not a component of the project triangle.

    2. C. Gantt Chart view is the default view in Project 2003.

    3. True. The Project Calendar is the default calendar used by everyone in the project.

    4. D. This procedure will only insert a new task in the task list.

    5. A and C. Pressing F1 and clicking the Help button will access Microsoft Help.

    6. A, C, and D. You cannot change views by hiding your toolbars. If you want to use the View Bar but it does not appear on your screen, select View View Bar from the menu.

    7. D. Collaboration is not a category covered in the Project Guide.

    8. False. Creating a new base calendar simply gives you more calendar options to choose from; it doesn't affect the Project Calendar, unless you choose to use it as such.

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