STEP 09 adding frames and TWEENS

STEP 09 adding frames and TWEENS

So far, we just have a one-frame movienot very exciting. So now's the time to add more frames. The rhythm of the completed work depends on how long each section is given to reach completion. Rhythm makes the world go around in more ways than oneand it certainly shouldn't be underestimated in designing motion graphics. Always try to set your animation to an appropriate rhythmwhether that's a beat in your head or your audio accompaniment. For this spot, I wanted a slow, dreamlike rhythm and I worked hard to have my moves reflect that. First I added frames to, and animated, the macromedia symbol.

  1. Double-click the "macromedia" symbol in the Library palette to begin editing that symbol.

  2. In the 24th frame of the Timeline Inspector, select and drag down through all layers . You are essentially selecting the 24th frame on all the layers at the same time.

  3. Choose Insert > Frame or press F5.

    New frames are added for all the layers.

    You're now ready to create the motion tween. A tween can be thought of aswell it probably isan abbreviation of in between. In Flash, a tween is a technique that allows you to quickly animate an element over time.

  4. Drag straight down the sixth frame, through all the layers.

    Note: You have to be careful that you don't accidentally drag a layer; it's best to just click once and immediately drag. If you hesitate at all, chances are you'll drag a layer or frame.

  5. Select Insert > Keyframe or use the keyboard shortcut F6 (see figure 02:15).

    Figure 02:15.


  6. On the Timeline, drag straight down through all layers anywhere between the first and sixth frame.

  7. Choose Insert > Create Motion Tween (see figure 02:16).

    Figure 02:16.


If you move the playhead back and forth across the Timeline, you won't see any change yetbut you will after the next section, when we add the fading and scaling transformations.

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