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Rand, Paul  
Razorfish spot   2nd  
recommended books   2nd   3rd  
recording sound   2nd  
Rectangle tool
       drawing toolbar  
Rectangle Tool dialog  
reducing number of colors  
reverse movement, creating
       vector videos   2nd  
Rewind command (Control menu)  
Rigby, Ben  
rolloff behavior
       setting   2nd   3rd  
rollout script
       building   2nd  
       controlling dancer objects   2nd   3rd  
rollover script
       controlling dancer objects   2nd  
       controlling line objects   2nd  
       controlling logo objects  
       creating   2nd  
rollover states
       overview of  
       controlling   2nd   3rd   4th  
Rotate dialog  
       3D objects
               CPU example   2nd   3rd  
Rotation Angle field  
RSUB site  
running initialization routine   2nd  

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