STEP 01 importing the next MOMENT IN TIME

STEP 01 importing the next MOMENT IN TIME

In the LundstromARCH project, the next moment in time to import is a more complex version of the previous page. Many elements, such as the background and certain cast members , are common to both. Rather than import redundant elements and have to delete them in Flash, I remove them prior to exporting.

Maintaining the alignment of objects is not a problem as long as you consistently follow the same procedure:

  1. Select and copy all the needed objects.

  2. Create a new page and paste the copied objects, snapping them into the upper-left corner.

After deleting the redundant elements and exporting, I import them into a working layer in Flash (see figure 09:15). Then, I follow the same process of organizing the new objects into their own layers , symbolizing them and then moving each into its proper position on the Timeline. If necessary, transitions are added between the existing and the new elements.

Figure 09:15.


Not every object coming out of FreeHand needs to be exported as an SWF file. For many smaller cast members, copying the object in FreeHand and pasting in Flash works perfectly well. Some Macintosh users have complained that the copy-and-paste method does not work for them; there appears to be a conflict on certain systems with this operation and the Mac desktop. If the icons are moved off the desktop, the copy and paste works as expected.

The guide layer capabilities in Flash are very useful in a copy-and-paste scenario. Because the exact positioning of your elements in FreeHand is no longer available for a pasted object, an alternative placement method must be used. With my newly pasted object on its own layer, Alt-click the guide symbol for the object's layer. This displays every other layer, except the current one, as a guide and greatly simplifies placement (see figure 09:16).

Figure 09:16.


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