STEP 07 executing the ANIMATION

Now, with my initial moment in time in Flash and set up appropriately, it's time to begin executing the animation. At this stage, I tend to work with FreeHand and Flash side by side, either exporting small objects I find I need, or copying and pasting them.

My process is straightforward. I first hide all the layers in Flash, except for the background and the first object, which I refer to as a cast member. Then, I develop its motion or its tween and place it down the Timeline. Then, I turn on the layer for the next cast member I want to appear and follow the same procedure: Develop its motion or tween, move it further down the Timeline, and remove its earlier appearance. I repeat this process for each of the cast members until the first moment in time is completely revealed. Figure 09:14 shows a partially developed Flash movie where the background layer is in place, and the initial key elements have begun to appear.

Figure 09:14.


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