Summary of Chapter 2


  • The Java AWT supplies a number of interface component classes. These include the Label, Button, Checkbox, Choice, Listbox, Canvas, TextField, TextArea and ScrollPanel classes.
  • FlowLayout, GridLayout and BorderLayout managers can be used for different layout policies.
  • The Component class is at the root of the AWT hierarchy and all of its attributes and methods are inherited by all other classes.
  • The Component foreground, background and font attribute values are inherited via the instance hierarchy.
  • The MenuComponent hierarchy supplies the objects which can be used to construct menus.
  • A popup menu has the advantage of saving screen space but has the disadvantage of not having any obvious indication of its presence.
  • Applications should, in general, register event listeners with its components and should not explicitly enable and process events.
  • An application can be its own listener object by registering itself with its included components.
  • Extended components should, in general, explicitly enable and process their own events.

Exercises for Chapter 2

2.13 The ScrollPane class

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