Chapter 3 - Extending pre-supplied AWT Components

This chapter will illustrate the production of user interfaces which require specialized components to be developed by extending the pre-supplied Java components. Such specialized components are developed by extending a standard Component from the AWT, most commonly the Canvas class.

The first artifact which will be developed is a StikNote application which provides the functionality of the pads of small pieces of paper each of which has a strip of adhesive on its reverse. They are used by writing a short note on the top of the pad, then tearing it off and sticking it on a convenient surface. When the note has served its purpose it can be taken down and thrown away.

The second artifact is a DateEntry component which is intended to be used as a constituent part of a more complex interface. It allows the user to enter a calendar date in an unambiguous and error free manner.

3.1 The StikNote application, visual appearance and STD design

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