Use Existing Backup Settings

You don't have to start every new backup job from scratch. If you've previously saved a backup job, you can use these same settings in future backups, just adding or removing a folder or two to the new backup job. This can save you a lot of time as opposed to selecting each and every folder and file you want to save throughout your directory hierarchy each time you create a job.

You'll do this by quickly importing the old backup settings. Follow these steps:


Open the Backup Utility, use the Advanced mode, and select the Backup tab.


From the menus at the top, Choose Job | Load Selections. You see an Open dialog box.


Select a previous backup job and then click the Open button. Previously used settings are saved with the .bks extension.

Figure 13-9. Select an existing backup job to make quick changes.


Once you click Open, you are taken back to the Backup tab, where you should see one or more check boxes will already be selected for you.

You can now proceed with the backup normally, setting a new schedule or choosing to use a different backup type, for example.

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