Change an Existing Scheduled Job

What if you need to change the properties of a scheduled job? Let's say you need to change the backup type, change the day on which it's run, or add another folder to the backup job. You should probably delete the scheduled job and configure a new one from scratch, right?

Well, maybe. Once the scheduled job is set, you can easily make changes to some of the settings, such as the schedule and the user account employed. To do so, however, you must use the Backup or Restore Wizard's Advanced mode, and return to the Schedule Jobs tab.

From there, all you have to do to access the Properties of a scheduled backup job is click on the job, which displays on the Schedule Jobs calendar as a tiny icon on the day it's supposed to run. Then, select the Properties button from the Schedule Data tab, which in turn launches the Schedule Job dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-8.

Figure 13-8. Changing the schedule for an existing job.

The changes you can make are limited, however. Notice that you cannot add more files to the backup or change the backup type. For these kinds of changes, you need to start with a new scheduled job.

To delete the scheduled job altogether, you also have to open the Properties dialog box and choose the Delete button next to the job name.

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