I'm a firm believer in the whole life-long learning concept. One of my favorite things about working in the Photoshop industry is that you literally never stop learning new things. I feel very privileged to work in an environment where I'm surrounded by people who constantly teach me things, and remind me about stuff I occasionally forget.

Scott Kelby has taught me a ton of things, and I'm not just talking about the obvious clever uses of Photoshop, although he has certainly done that. Scott reminds me every day through his actions and his personality that people are the most important thing. That includes the people you work with, the people in your family and circle of friends, and in our case, the people who are members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Everything Scott does reflects not only his passion for Photoshop, but also his never-ending belief in doing things as best as they can be done and his passion for making people happy, and I am a better person because of his influence.

If there's anyone who provides me with my daily dose of reminders, it's Dave Moser. It's part of his mission to remind me about upcoming deadlines and the next big project (more likely, projects). But like Scott, Dave's actions speak louder than words, and he reminds me of the importance of giving it everything you have, and always taking things up a notch. In his own unique way, Dave is encouraging and incredibly supportive and I am a better man thanks to him.

Felix Nelson unknowingly reminds me that although I know a thing or two about Photoshop, he can still bring me back down to earth with his amazing Photoshop abilities. Luckily for us, he is more than happy to share the wealth and pull the rest of us along for the ride. I also consider myself very lucky that Felix has assembled an amazing team that made this book a reality. Thanks to Jessica Maldonado for the book cover and design concepts, Dave Damstra for his kickin' layouts, and the editing team of Kim Doty and Cindy Snyder, who always questioned, poked, prodded, and made this book better. Thanks also to Kim Gabriel for her typically stellar job of keeping us all on track.

(This is my third time writing an acknowledgment for a book, and I stand by the same statement I made in the other two: It would be easier to include the entire company roster in this section because each and every one plays a vital role in the day-to-day stuff we do at KW Media. Thanks folks, each of you.)

Working with the fine folks at Peachpit Press helps me to remember the importance of communication and discussion. Right from the get-go, my friends at Peachpit have been a great help in making suggestions that helped make this a better book. Although there are many people who I know play an active role, I have had the most direct dealings with Ted Waitt and Rachel Tiley, so I thank them in the name of all the people I don't know at Peachpit.

I am very lucky to know and work side-by-side with the best Photoshop teachers and writers in the industry. Through Photoshop World I have gotten to know, learn from, and be inspired by people like Ben Willmore, Jack Davis, Bert Monroy, Katrin Eismann, Eddie Tapp, Julieanne Kost, Deke McClelland…again, it would be easier for you to check the instructor list at to see all the people that I should recognize.

A number of the techniques in the book are based in part on ideas from Dan Margulis, Eddie Tapp, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Katrin Eismann, and I thank them for their inspiration.

As I work side-by-side with Matt Kloskowski, I am reminded that you should always take great pride in what you do, and do it with a smile. I've never worked with a guy who so clearly loves what he doesand does it with a great big smile and positive attitude all the time. It's really amazing and inspiring, and he unknowingly pushes me to approach our crazy nuthouse workplace with the same positive attitude and sense of fun.

When my kids were little ones, I never really thought that I'd be the one learning from them, but sure enough, they've taught me volumes over the years. Michael reminds me how important it is to create a balance between the commitment to get things done and having a wonderful laid-back demeanor. He's an awesome student, athlete, and friend with an amazing ability to put things into perspectiveI'm still trying to learn that skill.

Through her daily approach to life, Stephanie constantly reminds me of the importance of being passionate about things. She never ceases to amaze me with her drive to get things done. Once she put her mind to it, she was determined to head off to Canada, get her own place, and start college, which she has done with great success. I'm just about bursting with pride.

If I were allowed another few pages for this section of the book, I'd go into great detail about the many, many things my beautiful wife Marlene has taught me, and continues to teach me every day. She is my inspiration in so many ways and is my motivation to be a success. She strives for excellence in every single thing she does, and it's impossible not to be in awe of what she does and not be motivated by her approach. Marlene is the ultimate believer in the importance of family, and our extended family has grown closer as a direct result of her expressions of love. I can't really put into words how much my world revolves around her, and how much better a man I am thanks to her love.

All in all, I consider myself a very lucky man to have such a wonderful family, to work doing something I love, and to be inspired, motivated, and taught by my circle of co-workers and friends.

Photoshop Finishing Touches
Photoshop Finishing Touches
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