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The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, A Guide for Programmers, Second Edition

Art Baker
Jerry Lozano
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Second Edition November 20, 2000
ISBN: 0-13-020431-5, 480 pages

  • The #1 Windows device driver book - fully updated for Windows 2000!

  • Step-by-step planning, implementation, testing, debugging, installation, and distribution

  • Complete coverage of the new Windows Driver Model (WDM)

  • Practical debugging and interactive troubleshooting

  • CD-ROM: Exclusive tools for streamlining driver development, plus extensive C/C++ sample driver library!

  • Windows Driver Model (WDM) for Windows 2000 and 98 - in depth!

  • Building drivers that support Plug-and-Play and Power Management

  • Windows Management Instrumentation: logging device errors and events - and interpreting them

  • Constructing safe reentrant driver code

  • Handling time-out conditions safely and effectively

  • Advanced techniques: kernel-mode threads, layered drivers, and more

  • Start-to-finish debugging and troubleshooting techniques

Foreword by Andrew Scoppa, UCI Corporation

The #1 book on Windows driver development - totally updated for Windows 2000!

With The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, any experienced Windows programmer can master driver development start to finish: planning, implementation, testing, debugging, installation, and distribution. Totally updated to reflect Microsoft’s Windows Driver Model (WDM) for Windows 2000 and 98, this programming bestseller covers everything from architecture to tools, and includes a powerhouse library of exclusive tools and code for streamlining any driver development project.

You’ll start with a high-level overview of WDM components and then move quickly into the details of the development environment and driver installation. Next, master the Windows 2000 I/O Manager, its data structures, and its interaction with drivers. Using extensive practical examples, you’ll implement Plug-and-Play and Power Management; construct safe reentrant driver code; use Windows Management Instrumentation to log errors and events, and more.

The book covers today’s most advanced Windows driver development techniques and provides extensive debugging guidance, including crash dump analysis using WinDbg; lists of common bugcheck codes, meanings, and probable causes; and much more.

About the CD-ROM

Bonus CD-ROM contains powerful resources for streamlining device driver development!

  • An exclusive Device Driver AppWizard that works with Visual Studio to instantly create your driver’s framework

  • A library of complete sample drivers

  • C++ classes to jumpstart any project-including a Unicode string handling class that eliminates tedious, repetitive code

  • An exclusive Driver Installation Utility to simplify initial testing


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The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book(c) A Guide for Programmers
The Windows 2000 Device Driver Book: A Guide for Programmers (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0130204315
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 156
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