Appendix A. NetWare 6 Certification

In a world in which people, businesses, organizations, governments, and nations are being connected and sharing information at a dizzying rate, Novell's primary goal is to be the framework that connects people with one 'Net service worldwide.

To help fulfill this goal, Novell Education has been providing quality education programs for more than 15 years. By itself, the Novell Education department isn't nearly large enough to provide high-quality training to the vast number of people who require it. Therefore, Novell Education has developed training partnerships throughout the world that provide authorized training. In addition, Novell Education has created certification programs to help ensure that the standard for networking skills is maintained at a high level.

Today, Novell has more than 500 authorized education partners worldwide, including colleges, universities, professional training centers, e-Learning companies, and so on. This appendix describes Novell Education and its four major NetWare 6 certifications: CNA, CNE, Master CNE, and CDE. It also provides some practical tips, such as alternatives to formal classes, finding out how to take the test, and where to go from here.

Novell's CNE Update to NetWare 6. Study Guide
CNE Update to NetWare 6 Study Guide
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