Section 11.4. Chapter Summary

11.4. Chapter Summary

  • BusyBox is a powerful tool for embedded systems that replaces many common Linux utilities in a single multicall binary.

  • BusyBox can significantly reduce the size of your root file system image.

  • BusyBox is easy to use and has many useful features.

  • Configuring BusyBox is straightforward, using an interface similar to that used for Linux configuration.

  • BusyBox can be configured as a statically or dynamically linked application, depending on your particular requirements.

  • System initialization is somewhat different with BusyBox; those differences were covered in this chapter.

  • BusyBox has support for many commands. Appendix C itemizes all the available BusyBox commands from a recent release.

11.4.1. Suggestions for Additional Reading

BusyBox Project home

BusyBox man page

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