Chapter 12. Embedded Development Environment

In this chapter

  • Cross-Development Environment page 290

  • Host System Requirements page 295

  • Hosting Target Boards page 296

  • Chapter Summary page 306

The configuration and services enabled on your host development system can have a huge impact on your success as an embedded developer. This chapter examines the unique requirements of a cross-development environment and some of the tools and techniques that an embedded developer needs to know to be productive.

We begin by examining a typical cross-development environment. Using the familiar "hello world" example, we detail the important differences between host-based applications and those targeted at embedded systems. We also look at differences in the toolchains for native versus embedded application development. We then present host system requirements and detail the use of some important elements of your host system. We conclude this chapter with an example of a target board being hosted by a network-based host.

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