How This Book Is Organized

This book consists of three parts : servlet technology, JSP technology, and supporting technologies.

Part I: Servlet Technology

  • Downloading and configuring a free server

  • Setting up your development environment

  • Deploying servlets and JSP pages: some options

  • Organizing projects in Web applications

  • Building basic servlets

  • Understanding the servlet life cycle

  • Dealing with multithreading problems

  • Debugging servlets and JSP pages

  • Reading form parameters

  • Handling missing and malformed data

  • Dealing with incomplete form submissions

  • Using HTTP request headers

  • Compressing pages

  • Customizing pages based on browser types or how users got there

  • Manipulating HTTP status codes and response headers

  • Redirecting requests

  • Building Excel spread sheets with servlets

  • Generating custom JPEG images from servlets

  • Sending incremental updates to the user

  • Handling cookies

  • Remembering user preferences

  • Tracking sessions

  • Differentiating between browser and server sessions

  • Accumulating user purchases

  • Implementing shopping carts

Part II: JSP Technology

  • Understanding the need for JSP

  • Evaluating strategies for invoking Java code from JSP pages

  • Invoking Java code with classic JSP scripting elements

  • Using the predefined JSP variables (implicit objects)

  • Controlling code structure with the page directive

  • Generating Excel spread sheets with JSP pages

  • Controlling multithreading behavior

  • Including pages at request time

  • Including pages at compile time

  • Using JavaBeans components

  • Setting bean properties automatically

  • Sharing beans

  • Integrating servlets and JSP pages with the MVC architecture

  • Using RequestDispatcher

  • Comparing MVC data-sharing options

  • Accessing beans with the JSP 2.0 expression language

  • Using uniform syntax to access array elements, List items, and Map entries

  • Using expression language operators

Part III: Supporting Technologies

  • Accessing databases with JDBC

  • Simplifying JDBC usage

  • Using precompiled (parameterized) queries

  • Executing stored procedures

  • Controlling transactions

  • Using JDO and other object-to-relational mappings

  • Configuring Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access for use with JDBC

  • Creating HTML forms

  • Surveying all legal HTML form elements

  • Debugging forms with a custom Web server

Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (Vol. 1.Core Technologies)
Core Servlets and Javaserver Pages: Core Technologies, Vol. 1 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0130092290
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 194

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