Section 196. Change the Location of Your Blog

196. Change the Location of Your Blog


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard


71 Configure the Settings to Publish Your Site

72 Publish Your Page

When you set up your blog, you might have set it up to be hosted on your own site. You probably entered your FTP information and passwords so that your blog would have the same address as your regular site. For example, my blog is at , which makes it feel like part of my site. If you decide to separate your blogs from your regular website, you can have your blog hosted at Blogspot .com , which is a free domain set up by Blogger for your blog to reside.

Click on Publishing in the Settings Tab

On the Publishing tab, you can change where your blog is hosted. You might have it set to be published on your website. You should write down the settings in this screen because if you change your blog to be published from, you are going to need these settings if you want to change back to publishing on your own site via FTP .

Click on the Link to

Clicking on the link to will erase all the information you set up for any other blog location. You might want to write down other blogging location information before you click on the link. This enables you to replace it later if you want.

196. Change the Location of Your Blog

Enter the Name You Want for Your Page at

When you click on the link to publish on, you'll need to enter a name for your site on Blogspot . In my case, I am going to make the address If you have a rather common name for your blog, you might need to try a few different names to find one that is available.

You can leave the set to No . This is a service that keeps track of which blogs have been changed so that readers can track multiple blogs from one place.

Save Your Settings and Republish Your Site

Now you can send people to your blog at the address you entered. Having the option of publishing your site on a shared server such as is great if you are not sure whether you are going to keep the same address for your personal site. You can even have the blog and not have a regular site.

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