Section 195. Add Links to Your Blog

195. Add Links to Your Blog


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard


26 Create Links to Other Pages

Adding links to your blog is very much the same as adding a link to a page that isn't a blog. Remember that the point of adding a link is to provide more information for your user. However, if you do provide a link out of your blog, your user is not going to read the rest of your post. One practical solution is to put your links at the end of the post so that the viewer is likely to read the post and then click on the choices at the end of the post.

Regardless of how you arrange your links, the process for creating them is the same.

Click on Your Blog in the Dashboard

If you have more than one blog in your account, you will have several names from which to choose. Click on the name of the blog you want to edit.

Select a Post to Edit

You can select any post to edit. You can do many common editing functions you might be familiar with now. For example, you can make links during blog creation or during later edits. You can add and move lines of text. This is a full-featured tool, similar to other full-featured tools you might have used elsewhere.

Select a Piece of Text

Select a piece of text you want to become your link. Avoid selecting multiple lines. Each link should provide a good summary of what other content will be accessed through the link. Multiple lines with multiple messages won't do. By the same token, going for one word won't be descriptive enough. Some believe it's bad web form to use the word here to designate a link, such as, "View more about foobar industries here," with here being the link text. Instead, make foobar industries the link and be more direct.

195. Add Links to Your Blog

Create the Link

Click the Link icon. In the Link dialog box, enter the address of the page to which you want to link. Click on Publish Post to save your change to your blog.

In my page, I am going to link to a site where you can buy eggs for hatching. Be sure to add the http:// portion of the address if you are going to link to a page away from your site. If your blog is hosted on your site and you are linking to a page locally, you don't need to use the http:// in the address.

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