Section 197. Archive Your Blog

197. Archive Your Blog


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When you spend the time to set up a blog and maintain it with regular posts, you want to be sure the contents are archived and available for people to read as separate HTML pages. When you blog, all your posts are in the Blogger database and available for browsing through the Blogger interface. However, when you archive your posts, there is an additional level of pages createdone for each posting and one for the index of the archive. This allows people to link directly to old postings of your blog from their pages. Although the Blogger database where your postings are kept is safe, having a separate set of pages with the data you have posted is a good backup in case of emergency.

Click on Archiving in the Settings Tab

The Archiving tab has all the settings you need to organize the archives of your site.

197. Archive Your Blog

Select Monthly from the Archive Frequency Drop-Down Menu

You can choose to set the archiving frequency to Daily, Weekly , or Monthly . The more postings you have, the more you might want to set the frequency to Daily so that each page doesn't have too many postings on it. If you have several posts daily and set your archive to Monthly , you are going to have too many postings per page for viewers to find things easily.

Set the Enable Post Pages to Yes

When you set the Enable Post Pages to Yes , you create a unique page for each post, which allows people to link to each post at a unique address.

Set the Archive Path to archives/

The Archive Path is the location where your archive pages are going to be saved. You need to be sure that you add the slash to the end of the folder name .

Save Settings and Republish Your Site

Your changes are saved, and the site reflects your changes only after you republish your site.

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