Section 198. Create a Site Feed

198. Create a Site Feed


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard

One of the really interesting features of Blogger is that you can syndicate your content so that other bloggers and people with websites can have either just the postings, or the postings and the content appear on their sites (with attribution to you, of course). If you are providing content that others want to use on their sites, you will have your ideas available to even more readers.

Click on Site Feed in the Settings Tab

All the settings for your site feed appear on the Site Feed view.

Set the Publish Settings

Set the Publish Site Feed to Yes . Set the Descriptions to Full . Set the Site Feed Filename and Site Feed URL .

When you create a site feed for your blog, or syndicate your blog, you can set your feed to either include the full content of each post or just the first paragraph. Sometimes you want to have your content be just a tease so that people click to come back to your site. Sometimes you might want to have the full content of your postings be available to the people that use your feed.

Set the Site Feed Filename to atom.xml . You can select another name , but it is the convention for Blogger not to change the name.

The Site Feed URL is where you are going to have your .xml feed file saved.

Save Your Settings and Then Republish Your Site

Your changes are saved, and the site reflects your changes only after you republish your site.

198. Create a Site Feed

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