Section 189. Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard

189. Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard


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The central location at where you can edit your posts and the various settings of your site is the Dashboard . From here, you can access each of your blogs, get help from experts, link to blogging news, and create and update your profile. Have you already logged on to the Dashboard to look at other blogs or maybe your profile? This time you will be using the Dashboard to access and change the settings for your site.

Log In to Your Account and Go to the Dashboard

You are back at the Dashboard for your account. If you have more than one blog, they will show up in the list of blogs in the left column.

If you are still logged in from the last task, you can click on the Back to the Dashboard button at the top of the page.

View the Settings for the Blog

Viewing your blog from the Dashboard allows you to manage postingsthe default view on the page. You can also manage your settings and your templates, and you can view your blog from several links throughout the different screens.

In the Edit Posts screen you can create a new post, and you can specify how many posts to show in the window as you edit.

If you click on the title of any post you have there, the text for the blog appears. You can read the post from here or click on the Edit button to edit the post. You might find this very useful if you are like me and have a spontaneous nature but not always the best judgment. It can be very nice to add or remove parts of your posting.

You can delete your individual posts from here as well.

At the top of the page you also have a Search field so you can find your postings through keywords if they appeared too long ago to show up in the list.

189. Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard

Click on the Edit Button Next to Your Post

Your post is now visible in an edit area, where you can make changes to the text you posted.

Add some text to your post, or select some of the text and change the font or color . These are just some of the things you can do. Need to issue a correction? You can even do that. Don't ask me how I know ‚ .

Click on the Edit HTML Tab

When you look at the HTML code of the page, you can see that wherever you made changes to the format of the text, there are now HTML tags wrapped around the text with the style that you have specified.

I alluded to CSS styles in Chapter 8, "Work with Text," and noted that they were the preferred way to set the visual styles for your text. The templates in Blogger use CSS styles by default. If you want to use regular HTML , though, you can enter that code here by hand and it will be rendered by Blogger .

Click on the Preview Link

Your blog entry will be updated and the one page you changed will be published back to the site.

Click on Publish Post

After publishing the page, you should see a screen that tells you that your blog has been published. If you want to look at your site now, click on the View Blog (In a New Window) link.

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