Section 190. Add a Post

190. Add a Post


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard

183 Make Your First Post


189 Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard

Adding a post is very much like editing a post. (You added your first post when you created your Blogger account.)

Click on the Blog Name in the Dashboard

Of course logging on is a must; and after you have, you are at the Dashboard . Let's do some edits to any existing blog you might have written. Click on the title of any existing blog.

190. Add a Post

Create a New Blog

Clicking on the Create tab link, the one in the tab bar, summons the same Edit text box you might have used to create your first post 184 View Your Blog and to edit that post. 191 Change Settings . Begin writing some text. You can view it as HTML in the Edit HTML view on the top right of the Text Edit area or in the Compose view where you have more tools available to edit the text and add formatting.

Click on Compose View

In the Compose view, you can create your next post. As you write, switch between the Edit HTML and Compose tabs. Use different fonts and paragraph styles. Light up your life with a few bulleted comments. You'll soon find this tool provides many of the most important word processing functions. This enables you to focus on your message. There's even a spelling checker you should use to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Add a Title for Your New Post

For your second post, give some additional information for the blog so that you can experiment with it later and add or delete parts of it. If you don't like it, you can always delete it.

Change the Date of the Posting

Change the date of the posting to a date a day or so ago. At the bottom of the Text Edit area, you can change the date on the post so that if you have an idea that you want to post and don't do it when you think of it, you can go back later and fill in the hole in the list of postings.

You can edit the post later and change the date back, but for now, setting it to a day or so ago will help you see how posts are organized in the blog.

Publish Your Post and View the Blog

The post you made would normally go to the top of the blog so that people could read the latest post first, but in this case, because you changed the date, the new post appears below the first post.

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