Chapter 12. Get Your Hands Dirty

This chapter is your quick-start guide to using different IPv6 stacks. Mastering technology is not done by reading about it, so get your hands dirty and play with it. You have plenty of options.

This chapter offers an overview of some common stacks that can be used. It is not a complete list. I decided to focus on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, BSD, and a Linux implementation in the beginning. This chapter describes where to get the stacks and how to install them, and lists the most common utilities for configuring and troubleshooting IPv6. Once you are familiar with one of the stacks, you will have no problems applying your know-how to other stacks.

IPv6 Essentials
IPv6 Essentials
ISBN: 0596100582
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Year: 2004
Pages: 156
Authors: Silvia Hagen

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