Section 7. Get Help in Windows

7. Get Help in Windows

No matter how proficient you become working in the Windows environment, something always crops up that's a puzzler and requires some help. Use the Windows Help and Support window to pick from a selection of help topics and tasks and to search the Help system for information about any topic.

Get Help in Windows

Open Help and Support Center

Select the Start menu and then select Help and Support. The Help and Support Center window opens. You can select any of the topics or tasks listed in the Help and Support Center to read help on that particular subject area.


The Help and Support Center window operates very much like a web browser window. You can use the arrow buttons in the toolbar to go back and forward. You can view Help topics that have been added to the Favorites list by clicking the Favorites button on the toolbar. (To add a topic to the list, click the Add to Favorites button when you are viewing that particular topic.) If you want to see the history of help topics you have already visited, click the History button on the toolbar.

Search for Help

If you don't see any help topics or tasks that are pertinent to your problem, you can search the Help system. Type your search criteria (a word, words, or sentence) in the Search box at the top-left corner of the Help and Support Center window. Then click the Start searching button (the white and green arrow).

View Search Results

The results of your search are listed in the Search Results pane. To view a particular subject listed in the results, click the topic. The topic information appears in the right pane of the Help and Support Center window. You can search again at any time by typing new search criteria in the Search box and then running the search.

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