Using Pack and Go

You will find that a publication jam-packed with pictures, text boxes, and various design elements constitutes a file that is pretty large. In many cases, the publication may be too large to fit on a floppy disk, and it will be very large if sent as an e-mail attachment. However, you can compress your publications using Pack and Go. This makes it easy for you to take your publication to another computer or take it to a commercial printer.

To pack a presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Select the File menu, point at Pack and Go , and then click Take to Another Computer . The Pack and Go Wizard appears.

  2. Click Next to start the Pack and Go Wizard.

  3. To pack the publication to a floppy disk, click Next (or specify another drive on your computer and then click Next ).

  4. To embed the fonts and pictures in the publication in the Pack and Go file, click the appropriate check boxes (see Figure 11.6), and then click Next .

    Figure 11.6. Select the items that should be included in the Pack and Go file.


  5. Click Finish to pack the publication onto a disk.

If the packed publication will not fit on one floppy disk, the Pack and Go Wizard prompts you to place additional floppy disks in your floppy disk drive.

A copy of Unpack.exe is also placed on the floppy disk (or floppy disks) that hold your packed presentation. You can use this program to unpack your publication onto another computer.

To unpack a packed file, place the floppy disk in the other computer and then click Start , then Run . In the Run box, type a:\Unpack.exe . You are prompted for a destination folder for the unpacking of your publication; specify the folder and then click OK .

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