Using the Zoom Feature

Because your publication pages consist of various frames containing text and other items such as pictures, you will often need to edit or otherwise fine-tune these items. When you are trying to concentrate on a particular item on the page, you want to be able to zoom in on that item. Publisher provides you with the capability to zoom in and out on your publication pages using a range from 10% to 400% (the larger the percentage, the more you've zoomed in on your publication).

To zoom in or out on the current page, follow these steps:

  1. Select the View menu, and then point at Zoom .

  2. Select your Zoom percentage from the cascading menu (such as 66% ). Figure 4.4 shows a page zoomed at 66%.

    Figure 4.4. Use the Zoom feature to zoom in and out on your publication pages.



Zoom In and Out Quickly Using the Toolbar You can also zoom in and out on your publication pages using the Zoom drop-down box on the Standard toolbar. Click it and select the zoom percentage.

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