Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Slides

In Lesson 6, "Rearranging Slides in a Presentation," you learn how to rearrange slides using the Slide Sorter and the Outline/Slides pane. Although dragging slides to new positions in the Slide Sorter is probably the easiest way to move slides, you can use the Cut, Copy , and Paste commands to move or copy slides in the presentation. Follow these steps:

  1. Change to Slide Sorter view, or display Normal view and work with the Outline or Slides panes.

  2. Select the slide(s) you want to copy or cut.

  3. Open the Edit menu and select Cut or Copy to either move or copy the slide(s), respectively, or you can use the Cut or Copy toolbar buttons .


    Quick Cut or Copy From the keyboard, press Ctrl+C to copy or Ctrl+X to cut.

  4. In Slide Sorter view, select the slide after which you want to place the cut or copied slide(s), or on the Outline pane, move the insertion point to the end of the text in the slide after which you want to insert the cut or copied slide(s).

  5. Select the Edit menu and choose Paste , or click the Paste toolbar button. PowerPoint inserts the cut or copied slides.


Keyboard Shortcut You can also press Ctrl+V to paste an item that you cut or copied.

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