Using the Format Menu for Precise Control

If you want to precisely specify the width of a column or columns or the height of a row or rows, you can enter specific sizes using a dialog box. This provides you with a little more control than just dragging a row height or column width.

To specify a column width, follow these steps:

  1. Select the columns you want to change.

  2. Select the Format menu, point at Column , and then select Width . The Column Width dialog box appears (see Figure 12.5).

    Figure 12.5. Column widths can also be specified in the Column Width dialog box.


  3. Type the column width into the dialog box (the width is measured in number of characters ).

  4. Click OK . Your column(s) width is adjusted accordingly .

Adjusting row heights is similar to adjusting column widths. Select the row or rows, and then select the Format menu, point at Rows , and select Height . In the Row Height dialog box that appears, type in the row height and then click OK .

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