Creating Paragraph Styles

Creating paragraph styles is similar to creating character styles. Apply to a paragraph the formatting that you want to include in the style (you can use alignment settings, indents, and all the paragraph attributes that you are familiar with). Make sure that the insertion point is in the paragraph, and then follow these steps to create the style:

  1. Open the Styles and Formatting task pane, and then click New Style ; the New Style dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Style Type drop-down box and select Paragraph for the style type.

  3. Type a unique name into the Name box for the style.

  4. Click OK to return to the Styles and Formatting task pane. The style is now available on the Style list. You can now apply the style to any paragraph in the document by placing the insertion point in the paragraph.


Have Word Automatically Update Your Styles When you create a paragraph or character style (or modify either type), you can have Word update the style automatically when you make formatting changes to text to which the style has been applied. Select the Automatically Update check box in the New Style or Modify Style dialog box.

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