58. Restore Files

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Restoring your important files is just a matter of locating the archive that you created as a backup. You can then use File Roller to extract the files so that you can use them.

Before You Begin

55 Archive Files with File Roller

56 About Backing Up and Restoring Files

57 Back Up Files

Open Archive Location

Use Nautilus to locate the folder, CD, USB drive, or network drive where you stored your archive file.


To open network locations, double-click the Computer icon and then double-click the Network icon. Browse your network as needed to find the folder location.

Open Archive File

Double-click the archive file, and the File Roller window opens showing the contents of the archive.

Specify Destination Location

In the File Roller window, select the Extract button. In the Extract dialog box that appears, select the folder (the location) where you want to extract the file. Folders will be re-created for the extracted files by default.

Extract Files

In the Extract dialog box, click the Extract button. The files are extracted to the location that you chose, and folders will be re-created. Close the File Roller window. Use Nautilus to open the location and view the extracted files and folders.

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