57. Back Up Files

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The backup phase consists of creating an archive file. You can create an archive using File Roller. However, there is a shortcut that you can use to quickly create a compressed tar archive in the Nautilus window. Then you can place the archive in a safe place and burn it to a CD, stick it on a USB drive, or even place it on a network drive if available.

Before You Begin

46 Use Nautilus to Manage Folders

47 Browse and Open Files

54 About Archiving Files

55 Archive Files with File Roller

56 About Backing Up and Restoring Files

Open Nautilus

On the desktop double-click your Home icon.

Select Folders and Files for Archive

Select the folders and files that you want to place in the archive.

Create Archive

In Nautilus, select Edit, Create Archive. A Create Archive dialog box opens.

Name Archive

Type a name for the archive in the Create Archive dialog box. The file is saved as a tar.gz file. Click Create to end the creation process.

Move Archive to Destination

Open a USB drive or other location in a second Nautilus window and drag the archive file to its new location while holding down the Alt key. When you release the archive file in the destination window, click Move Here on the shortcut menu. You have archived and backed up your important files.

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